Monday, October 10, 2011

Also: exciting literary news!!!

A spooky young adult's magazine wants to publish one of my stories!!!!!!!!!!!


More concrete details are to come, but the magazine specializes in printing spooky stories for clever youths, with a penchant for Edward Gorey/Addams Family humor. And just grazing through some of the stuff they've published thus far, it's pretty fucking hardcore. I'm very proud that they enjoyed my stuff, and I can't wait to see how it goes.

YOU, my dear reader, are free to check out the story they're going to publish right here, before anyone else does, through this little blog.

I couldn't think of what to call it at the time, so I went with the character names. But, I sent it to them as Orphanage. It's about two young orphaned girls, one a bit Wednesday Addams-y, the other just a bit shy and quiet, and their friendship through all things macabre and unusual. I actually really adore them. It's not often I write things that can be described as 'cute,' but I'm proud of those girls.

So check it out!

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