Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lucky number 13

Oh, buddy

I see your skeleton still hangs
From the same crossing as ever
The bridge with the tracks
Just above the river
Swaying in the breeze
Brought in by tide, nearby
From an ocean open wide

Your rope necktie
Cradling your boney nape
But the darkness is coming in
The sun's light fades
You're looking down at
White, boney toes
And at the waves
As they get blacker
And blacker

But as they break the crag
Do you notice, friend
That the waves always grow darkest
Before they come crashing?
The waves always grow darkest
Before they come crashing.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Bells

The bells rang their tones nearby,
Or so it seemed
Different notes strung together
Speaking a phrase
A quiet stillness all around
But still the bells speak
No other noise heard

And like a child lost
I wander
And try to locate their origin
But I only chase my tail
Like the Thirsty Dog
As they continue to ring
Ring, Ring, Ring
In my ear

It's dawn on the end of the world
And still the bell choir rings out
Ring, Ring, Ring

All uncertainties came to die
To become ash as grey as heaven above
No man spoke
Not a car, driven
But still a phrase rang out!

I braved the empty fields,
Obscured by a veil of morning's fog
And barren schoolyards
Void of the innocent children's laughter
Of their mirth
No rancher tending the cattle,
In fact, they were missing, too
But still, from some nearby surrounding
The bells kept resounding

Different tones strung together
Ring, Ring, Ringing
A melodious goodbye
Ring ring
Bye bye