Sunday, November 30, 2008

Untitled woodland number

And I've walked the darkened woods
And heard the shadows speak
Seen them twist and contort
Through different shades of night

I've seen violence in the girl
And pity in the man
Fingers outstretched
Like the desperate,
Brittle limbs

They crave the cold and dark
The bite of winter's frost
Shades of grey
Shades of gloom
Far removed of warmth
The flowers have no bloom
No existence

And in the fading sun's light
I wonder if the shadow
Walking beside me
Is that of my own
Or if it has a companion,
A woman never there,
To brave the unfamiliarity
Of this stark forest
Where the vibrant reds and oranges
Lay their final rest
On dirt-ridden paths

Is anything as it
Truly seems
In this forest of
The dead trees?

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