Friday, November 14, 2008

A Dream (Cathedral)

What is this dark figure
Which stands before me?

Ominous and black,
But vibrant hues
In its hind

A building,
A church?
Ruins of praise?
Why do you stand before me?
Why appear in my mind?
What message do you tell?
What point to convey?

Your glass is stained
Reds and greens and blues
Otherwise, I don't
Make much of you

Black and tall
Sinister brick
A bell tower,
As water drips
Through the aqueducts
Through the gutters
Into the streets
Rained down from Heaven
The clouds that approach nigh
Behind this foreboding building
This menacing figure

What do you say?
What is your symbol?
What do you mean??


[Yes, I know I fucked something up the first time. Don't worry.

Recurring dreams..]

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