Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Werewolf Song

NB: This is a metaphor for being gay in a small town. They can treat you as a monster, and my favorite happens to be the werewolf.

A man of virtue by sun
A wolf by moon

Darkness approaches our small hamlet
Humble in its way
Redness in the sky fades to gray
These are the last remains of the day
There is a moon
There is a moon rising
There is a blood moon rising

"Hide in your homes!
There is a wolf at bay!
A demon by night,
He is a good man by day
A curse is brought upon him
Through the werewolf's bite
Man, woman, babe alike:
The wolf shall prowl tonight!!"

At dusk it takes hold,
And I don't quite understand
Why it is, the next morning,
I have blood on my hands
I can only recall
A scream and a yell
Nothing after
The darkness fell

It's when the blood moon is raised
And my memory becomes hazed
A pain inside will arise
I haunt the forest,
The moors,
And the crypts, alike
The wolf does prowl tonight!!

They say
You can spot the wolf
By the mark
They say
You can spot the wolf
By the mark of the moon
On the flesh
On the flesh


SusiePrue said...

i grew up in a small town and clearly remember what happened when a dear friend of mine was outted. it was horrible and involved over 60 people waiting for him down the road the school. it reminded me of the lynch mob from the original "frankenstein" film, though the cover of night, the pitchforks, and the torches weren't present. that was so long ago but i still shudder remembering it. small towns suck for those who aren't conformers, either by choice or by design. the world gets better. fear not. this poem is a beautiful analogy of a rotten situation.

Gabriel Grub said...

That's terrifying. I can only imagine what went down. Thank you for sharing this with me, so much.

The world definitely does get better, in time. The first step is just getting out of the hell-hole you were stuck in.

Again, thank you. :)