Friday, October 31, 2008

Untitled, but Happy Halloween anyway

Go to the back of the red barn
The one that's falling at the hinges
Get there at dusk
When the mist just starts to sit

He's gonna be there

A man's gonna be expecting you

You won't see his face
And his name, unmentioned
Only to help you
Is his only intention
Your secrets he knows,
And your dreams as well

Back of the barn!
Back of the barn, kid!

Feel that chill up you back
If it's the wind, you can't tell

Back of the barn, kid!
Back of the barn!

Eerie sights
But there are no sounds
Eerie silence is all around
He'll take your hand,
And hold it tight

'Everything will be alright
You're in dire straights,
I'm here to help.
In your darkest hours,
My presence, you've felt
Ask me a favor;
To your aid I will come.
But there's gonna be a price, boy!
Oh yes
There is always a sum.
Let's see that finger.
Just a prick of the thumb..'

Back of the barn!
Back of the barn, kid!

Is there blood on his hand?
O, god!
Why is it red?!

Back of the barn. kid!
Back of the barn!

'There ain't no pain, child
But I'll need your name in blood.
It'll ink our contract,
Or else our deal's no good.
Do you see the storm,
And hear the rumble as it arrives?
Are you a believer of omens, boy?
Do you believe in signs?'



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