Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Ladies of Sorrow (an unfinished dream)

Three sisters dance in the distance
They are temptresses of darkness,
Of night,
Of sin
They dance in the midnight garden
Whizzing and whirling around the roaring fire's light
Smiles spread wide in honor of the dead
And magic
And spirits

As there were three Fates
There are three Ladies of Sorrow
For three Graces
There are three Furies,
Just the same
Their laughter is unheard
Their songs, unsung
They speak the symbols
While I say the words

The first-born is honored with the title 'Madonna,'
Our Lady of Tears
Her dance is for lonely cries
Heard in the night
She haunts abandoned lovers,
Restless in the dark
Hers is the company of misery

For everything holy, there is something unholy
This is the essence of temptation

Oh, and the second sister
Our Lady of Sighs
She dances in the moonlight
For the sadness never brightened
For those whose hope is waned
She sings in whispers
Heard only in dreams

Tossing and turning in bed
You are left to wonder
What is pure,
And what is in vain?
Visions haunt you,
Just the same
You awake to call out a name--
Only to drift back
And dream of The Third

Ah, but the Third One?
The Third One?!

You listen, friends,
And you listen close
This Third Sister
Is no ordinary ghost


(continued later)

[Break between verses 3 and 4 is from "The Omen"]

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