Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bats set listies: 030713 - 031713

It's been an eclectic couple of weeks.

I liked it.

Partied with the best (Necromos) at Club Apparition.

Particularly proud to be part of Black Cat Lounge, as I got to spin that I was raised on, and I think my folks would give a nod of approval (mostly). 

Got interviewed by a former teacher for a book she's writing about DJs and club life/pseudo-politics.  AWESOME.

Two weekends at The Box.  Last weekend was was just a weird night for everyone involved.  Everyone going through their own personal weirdnesses.

But we made it.

So let's review the evidence.


Club Apparition's 4th Anniversary
San Jose, CA

All Night Long - Peter Murphy
Love Will Tear us Apart - Joy Division
Close to Me - The Cure
Policy of Truth (Extended Mix) - Depeche Mode
Days of Swine and Roses - Thrill Kill Kult
Ignore the Machine - Alien Sex Fiend
Blissful Myth - Rudimentary Peni
Sunglasses After Dark - The Cramps
20th Century Boy - T.Rex
Goodbye Horses - Q Lazzarus

Cure Set as We Broke Apart the Robert Smith Pinata:

Boys Don't Cry
Friday I'm in Love
In Between Days
Just Like Heaven

(I stomped his skull in with one fell swoop.  Sorry Robert Smith.)

Covenant - We Stand Alone [request]


The Box
Santa Cruz, CA

Human Fly - The Cramps
I Walk the Line - Alien Sex Fiend
Jumping Somone Else’s Train - The Cure
Romeo’s Distress - Christian Death
Sex Beat - Sexbeat
20th Century Boy - T.Rex
Hong Kong Garden - Siouxsie and the Banshees
Little Girls - Oingo Boingo
Blue Monday - New Order
Days of Swine and Roses - Thrill Kill Kult
Express Yourself - NWA


Black Cat Lounge
Santa Cruz, CA


I Was a Teenage Werewolf - The Cramps
Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress - The Hollies
Rumble - Link Wray and the Ray Men
Summertime (Part 1) - Sam Cooke
Remember (Walking in the Sand) - The Shangri-Las
Bullwinkle Pt. II - The Centurians
Funnel of Love - Wanda Jackson
Gloria - Them
Fire! - The Crazy World of Arthur Brown
Lola - The Kinks
Alone Again Or - Love
Hurdy Gurdy Man - Donovan


Karma Sitar - 101 Strings Orchestra [NB: the second half; 1:22-on]
One Step Beyond - Prince Buster
Comanche - The Revels
That Certain Female - Charlie Feathers
These Boots Were Made For Walkin' - Nancy Sinatra
Chick Habit - April March
You Really Got Me - The Kinks
Gone Daddy Gone - Violent Femmes
Walk, Don't Run - The Ventures
The Chase - Alan Reeves
Run Through the Jungle - CCR
Black Sabbath - Coven


Boom Swagger Boom - Murder City Devils
20th Century Boy - T.Rex
Love in a Void - Siouxsie and the Banshees
Strychnine - The Cramps
I Wanna Be Your Dog - The Stooges
Red Right Hand - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
Make It Rain - Tom Waits


Weirdest St. Paddy's Evar
The Box
Santa Cruz, CA


Black Room

The Unknown - Terrorfakt
My Eyes are Red - Hex Rx
Prince of E-ville - Combichrist
AK 47 - Feindflug
Structure - VNV Nation
Megalomaniac - KMFDM
Violence - Implant/Angelspit


White Room

Erotic City - Prince
Planet Rock - Afrika Bambaataa and the Soul Sonic Force
Blue Monday - New Order
Master and Servant - Depeche Mode
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) - Eurythmics
You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) - Dead or Alive
Head Like a Hole - NIN
After the Flesh - Thrill Kill Kult
Headhunter - Front 242


I'm taking tomorrow off, folks.  Gonna be doing a fun photo shoot around cemeteries in Colma, and then hanging out with the lovely ghosts with the mosts at the Horror Hop in San Francisco.  Come share a drink with me there, or get back to shaking those bones at The Box!  Options!  They're great!

'til next time...

- Em

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